Happy Einstein

Hi.  My name is Happy Einstein, but I just go by Happy for short.  It’s unbecoming to brag about being a genius after all.  I’ll be turning eleven years old in February, which means that I have now officially entered my golden years.  Don’t let my age fool you though.  You’re only as old you feel and I still feel as good as when I was a young pup.  I LOVE to play.  Specifically, I love toys.  All toys.  Squeeky toys.  Bouncy toys.  You name it, I’ll chew it.  I have yet to meet a toy I didn’t like.  I’ll play with them on my own for a while, but eventually, I’m going to expect you to participate.  I’ll bring the toy to you and put it on your lap.  Oh.  You didn’t see it there?  I’ll keep picking it up and putting it back on you until you pick it up and play.  Maybe you’ll throw it?  I’m awesome at fetching.  I’ll never stop bringing back whatever you throw.  Don’t worry that it’s too big.  Perhaps, you’ve seen my favorite caterpillar in some of my photos.  He’s about three times my size but I carry him around like it’s nothing.  Did I mention I’m awesome at fetching? 

Right now I’m living with my foster parents in Los Angeles.  They have a dog and a cat and they’re cool.  I like to think I’m easy to get along with.  I’m good with cats and dogs, but I’m also ok just being on my own too.  Then there are more laps for me to sleep on.  I love a good lap.  I sit with the dog sometimes, but I mostly keep to myself.  I completely ignore that cat.  I’m very small so he’s about two times my size anyway. I’m only six pounds.  Being small sometimes makes me nervous when I go somewhere new.  I might growl until I know that no one’s there to hurt me or my family.  I seem to be more calm when people come into my home or someplace I’m familiar with. 

I’m housetrained.  I don’t need a lot of long walks.  I have very short legs and I do walk a little funny.  They tell me my ribs broke when I was young and so I kinda old man hobble hop along.  It’s ok though.  It’s just how I roll.  I need to go out pretty frequently and like to go every couple of hours.  If you’re away for a few hours, I’m sorry but I probably won’t be able to hold it till you get home.  I’m pretty good when I’m sleeping though and can usually make it through the night without any issues.  Once I’m asleep, I’m out.  Good luck getting me up. 

So that’s enough about me for now.  How about you?  Fill out an application at Yorkie Rescue of America for Happy and let’s get to know each other!  Adoption Fee is $250.00

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