Yorkie Rescue of America


We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping Yorkies that have been used and discarded to recover their sense of safety and belonging. We are a volunteer only rescue organization. 100% of all donations go toward the medical needs and rehabilitation of the Yorkies we rescue.



Mission Statement

The perception that most people have of Yorkshire Terriers is that they are a blessed breed.  At Yorkie Rescue of America, we deal with the reality of these exploited animals. Our mission is to rescue Yorkies that are in dire need, most of whom are considered a lost cause by other animal welfare organizations. We are truly their last chance at life. 

It is certainly easier to take in puppies and young adoptable dogs, but that’s not who we are. Our mission is to come to the aid of those Yorkies that require extensive medical care and intensive rehabilitation through our dedicated and highly knowledgeable foster network.

When Yorkie Rescue of America accepts a rescue, our commitment is for that dog’s life. Our goal is always to find our animals a loving forever home, but in the event that doesn’t happen for a particular Yorkie, they will live out their lives with us.

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They give so much and ask so little. Please help us to help them!


Some of Our Happy Yorkie Adopters!

"I can't say enough about Yorkie Rescue of America! Tiffini Cartozian, Founder and President, with passion and full commitment is dedicated to saving the lives of Yorkshire Terriers who are abandoned, neglected, lost, and abused. Thanks and gratitude for her superb leadership and her excellent team of Foster families. Sick, injured, aged dogs, and all who are in dire need of loving care and veterinary help are rescued. The success rate of adoptions is excellent! God's precious creatures spend the rest of their lives with loving, nurturing people. Yorkie Rescue of America offers a better tomorrow for dogs. It's been my honor and privilege to be a supporter." - Arlene Klein, Animal Advocate, Trustee Emeritus, MORRIS ANIMAL FOUNDATION, Author of the book, I NEVER WANTED TO SAY GOODBYE


“I rescued sweet little Winston (formerly Gizmo) about 6 weeks ago. Tiffini and his foster mom, Barbara, were absolutely wonderful to deal with. I would recommend this rescue for anyone that's looking for a Yorkie that takes rescuing seriously. I am so glad they do their due diligence on the dog, as well as the home it goes to.” - Cheryl Dodge


“This is the best site ever!!! They work so hard and do so much to help all the little animals that nobody seems to want!! They truly are angels sent from heaven.”  -Karen Madrigal


“Great group of organized animal lovers! All over USA, ready to help and find forever homes for these fur babies! Check your state ! Fabulous people!” - Polly Evans


Make a difference

Become A Yorkie Foster Parent

Yorkie Rescue of America is currently looking for foster homes.  Foster homes provide us with the opportunity to get to know our dogs before we place them in permanent homes.  It provides us with the opportunity to rehabilitate, train and socialize our dogs prior to being adopted into their forever home.  Fostering can be a great way to volunteer and help the dogs.  Foster Families are essential in the rescue process. Without you, we couldn’t save that life  Fostering can also be a lot of work, but totally worth it when you see the joy on the faces of their adopter when they are ready to go home!



A safe place to surrender your dog

Owner Surrender


At Yorkie Rescue of America we know how difficult it can be to find a new home for your pet. We understand the mental and emotional challenges of letting go of a loved one. When you surrender your pet to a shelter, the dog faces illness and trauma. If you need to surrender your pet coming to Yorkie Rescue of America is the RIGHT thing to do.
Follow the link below and you'll find a Surrender Form. Just fill it out and a representative of Yorkie Rescue of America will call and help you through the process. We are here to help in every way, even if your dog has special needs

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I started Yorkie Rescue of America because I want to rescue the breed that rescued me 17 years ago
— Tiffini Cartozian | Founder