Lucky showed up one night on a neighbor’s front porch — alone and scared, small (8 lbs) and a senior. When he was found, his teeth were in bad condition and both ears were infected, which must have been so painful for him! Even so, he was still very sweet. After a trip to the vet to fix his medical problems, he’s now much happier, even starting to play with chew toys. He’s basically in good health.

He’s living with two other small dogs and learns the household routines quickly from them. He ignores the five resident cats, all bigger than he is, and the four foster kittens. Sometimes he sleeps with one of the big cats or his foster dog sister. He goes for walks and does well with a tiny harness and leash. Lucky is a bit hand-shy, meaning he will flinch from your hand. That’s an indication that someone may have hit him. But he’s learning that nobody will ever hurt him again and is gaining confidence. He has a good appetite. He sleeps in our bed. He just started to wag his tail, and he does give kisses.

Lucky would benefit from a home with a retiree or someone who works from home, and who ideally has another dog. He’s a beautiful, soulful little guy.  

Spayed/Neutered - Vaccinated - Dewormed - Treated for Fleas and Microchipped. Located in Los Angeles.