Jill was rescued from a high kill shelter in California. Jill was a very sick girl and in isolation. We could not tell what was going on with her one eye as it was hard to see over her matting. The day she was transported to her foster mom, she barely made it into emergency. She needed IV fluids for her dehydration, she was in pain due to her rotten mouth. She had not been able to eat due to her teeth. Jill only had one eye. Even before her foster mommy met Jill knew she would become one of the family. She was so frail in need of immediate care and love. After her stay at the hospital Jill felt so much better and was finally able to eat and rest without pain due to her meds. Within a few days she had her teeth removed, and was spayed. Each day she showed dramatic improvement. We were amazed of how well she was recovering and how she went from a limp, bony, weak, scared little girl of a mere two and a half pounds to a healthy, strong, happy, confident five pound family member! Jill was adopted by her foster family. She now is an active, thriving senior who portrays herself as a young girl. Her love for life and family is apparent in her smile and the love and excitement she shows us daily.

We love her dearly!