Yorkie Rescue of America was contacted by someone who found Belle wandering in the streets. She had no identification tags or a microchip. This person thought he would like to keep her as a companion for his other dog. After a couple weeks he called back and asked if he could surrender her to us. Apparently his other female dog did not get along with her. In addition he said Belle was peeing a lot and he was keeping her outside.

After transport arrived I met them at the veterinarians office. Belle was in really bad condition. She had infected ears, she had really bad skin and an infected paw. She had five kidney stones and needed a spay and dental. From the looks of things she appeared to be used for backyard breeding.We scheduled all of her procedures and she had a nice long lengthy recovery with a great foster mommy. Belle slowly started to come into her own and develop her own personality.  After a few follow up visits Belle was given the ok by her vet to be placed for adoption. Belle was adopted into one of the best homes I could have asked for. Belle goes everywhere with her family, literally everywhere. She never gets left behind.  Belle is so loved by her human brothers and parents.After everything Belle went through from wandering the streets to where she is now, it brings tears to my eyes when I think about how happy she is now.

We love you Belle.