My News Years resolution for 2011 was to pursue my dream which is animal rescue.  I decided to follow my true passion and quit waiting. 

I was prepared to file all my necessary paperwork for my 501 c3 and work on my website and get everything up and running before I rescue any dogs.

Well two weeks later I got a plea to rescue my first yorkie who was a stray at the Kern County Shelter in Bakersfield.  I remember when they brought her out to me, I wrapped her up in a blanket and put her in the kennel in the back seat and headed back to San Diego where my veterinarian was waiting for me.  I named her Alexis since she did not have a name.  I was so worried the whole way home.  She never lifted her head once, she was in bad shape.


She had not had a bath in what appeared to be over a year.  She had so much feces stuck on her it required 4 baths to get her coat clean, free of oil and soiling.  The vet determined she was about nine years old.  She had a severe case of pneumonia.  She stayed on antibiotics for 10 weeks, had her teeth cleaned and one pulled which was causing discharge from a large infection in her gum and nasal cavity.I knew this tiny little thing was a fighter and I was determined to see her through.  Once she started feeling better, her personality sure came out.  She is a loving little soul.  Full of energy and has a personality larger than life.  She is now in a wonderful furever home where she has a new yorkie sister.


She will have an incredible furever life full of love and will feel safe and secure.